February 18, 2010

A Sweet Escape....Literally!

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to surprise Jack with something fun. I don't really see Valentine's Day as a real holiday, but I wanted to do something nice anyway. Jack & I are going to different work schedules, and won't see each other as much for awhile, so I wanted to do something extra nice.

I was thinking, maybe making dinner reservations, but threw that idea out the windowl. Then an idea just came to me! Why not celebrate Valentine's Day at the sweetest place on earth??? Hershey!!!!!!!! It turned out Hershey had some sweet packages left to book at a great price. I booked it, and told Jack I had a surprise for him. I didn't give him any hints. On Sunday, he even fell asleep in the car till we arrived at our destination!

Hershey is a great place for people of all ages, and there is tons to do! It is only 2 hours from DC, so it makes a great weekend trip! When you enter downtown Hershey you are immediately hit with the scent of chocolate in the air. Literally, the air smells like chocolate. YUM! So, I had some things lined up for us to do. Visit Chocolate World, Go to Hershey Museum. And Hershey, PA: just gives away free candy. Why wouldn't you want to visit!? :-)

Hello Chocolate Avenue! All the street signs have cool names.

Upon our hotel check in, the reception desk hands your two free Hershey bars.
I am loving it already. ( and so was Jack!)

Here on a walking tour at the Hershey Story Museum.

The street lights are Hershey Kisses...super fun!

Jack 'holding' the street light. Yup, we are cool.

Playing around at Hershey Musuem. Jack liked this interactive display.

The parade at Chocolate World!
I am LOVING the Reese's display. My favorite candy!!

On Chocolate World tour ride

Valentine's Day dinner.

Part of the Romance Package:
Rose petal turn down, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.!
Look....more candy...

Yum Yum!
Even Breakfast Room service came with candy......we were all "candied" out that this point.

When we got home, Jack had ordered me flowers to be sent to the house....well the flower delivery person left it outside our front door. All night. We came home....they were a bit dead, and a bit frozen. I saved the flowers I could from the frozen bunch. Sorry Jack!

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