February 10, 2010

Meet Patches

Meet Patches. She's an interesting sort of cat.  She is our second cat. Our first cat is Gracie who turns 3 this year, I had Gracie before I met Jack, and we adopted Patches together. It's find of funny. Gracie is Jack's best buddy. She loves to cuddle with him. Patches is my buddy. Here are some facts about Patches:

1. Her breed: tortoiseshell. Commonly known as a "Tortie"
2. Her full name: Ms. Patches O'Houlihan. (Jack named her, don't ask)
3. We found her on Craigslist
4. She loves doing things she's not supposed to do.
5. She is known to drink out of the toilet if you forget to put the seat down.
6. She waiting patiently by the bathroom door every night while we get ready for bed because she knows its "time for sleep", She can't wait to jump up and cuddle with us (well me at least)
7. She likes water. Well, she isn't afraid of it.

First, she is interesting to look at. She has got all these crazy patterns and coloring on her fur. Second, I swear Patches is a dog in a cats body. Seriously. She is a cat who thinks she is a dog! I've noticed this since we adopted her in the spring of last year.

The newest fact about her we just discovered. SHE LOVES THE SNOW. You would swear she is a dog. She loves chasing the snow, and running around in it. I have had to put her on a leash this past snowstorm so she won't run away in it, which she has already tried to do!

Here are some pictures of Patches!:
When we first adopted Patches last May, about 8 weeks old.
Here she is auditioning for the TV show: "America's Next Top Cat"

Patches has such a personality.
You can find her in the weirdest places.
Patches 2010. She is about 10 months old now.
The snow experiment. She is looking at me almsot as if she is saying "mom can I go outside, please?"

And what we discovered: she loves it. She is NUTS about it!

She is like a dog. Digs around, chases it. She's a bit weird. But we love her!

Snuggling with her best buddy Gracie

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