February 9, 2010

snowpocalypse part 2

After the snow finally stopped and we quit shoveling for the day on saturday, we went in, passed out in deep sleep for the night. We were pooped from all the snow shoveling. Let me tell you, 30 inches of snow is HEAVY!

We got up the next morning; our bodies sore as ever from the shoveling the day before, and went back out to shovel some more snow. It was at least sunny outside. That was some hope! It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood was out shoveling too. Like a neighborhood block party......but not!

Here are some more pictures of the insanity, and since it stopped snowing, I was able to bring out the Canon camera!

I ventured to the backyard....a.k.a "Snow Jungle". Some little fella let their footprints before I could!

Lots of Ice!

Jack getting the heavy snow off the gutters. He wouldn't let me on the roof. (sad face)

And he got to have fun getting off the roof too!

Can't shovel snow without beer!

Break time

My goal-dig out my Nissan Versa

So much snow to walk through

Our poor hammock

Mission Accomplished. Car has been freed from the snow.
" FREEEEDOOOOMMM....." (think the movie Braveheart)

Now, that is a crap load of snow!

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