April 17, 2012

What I am craving.....

I haven't really had any hardcore cravings. A lot of the time, i'm not even hungry surprisingly. I don't snack or pig out. Mostly just my 3 meals a day. I seriously eat like a 3rd grader. PB& J, yogurt, an apple, cheezits, water, and a pudding. Yup, that is usually my daily lunch. Yet, i've gained 15 lbs somewhere.......hmmmmm....weird. This better not be a 10lb baby in there!

Recently, I have only wanted 3 things: Wawa Hoagie, a Philly Pretzel, and pumpkin pie. Two of those items are easily fixed....Wawa is only a 10 minute ride, and a pumpkin pie I can just make. My only issue is the Philly Pretzel. They have them in my hometown of West Chester PA. They also have other franchises outside of Philly....MD, VA, NC, DE. But the closest one to me in MD is like an hour and a half away. As much as I LOVE those pretzels, I am not driving that far. I was considering ordering some online and having them shipped to me......I am telling you people, they are THAT GOOD.

I don't want fast food, or candy, or ice cream. I want a Philly Pretzel. And i am not going to PA until mid May. Can I survive, or will I give into ordering them online?

April 5, 2012


I have been trying to get crafty with Baby G. I know I will recieve presents at my shower, but I wanted to make something that was my own that I could use. I had read somewhere that some burp cloths aren't that absorbant, so I read how to make my own. I looked at a bunch of tutorials, but then figured it couldn't be that hard to do it myself. So, I kind of followed it, but ended up doing whatever I felt like. No they are not 100% perfect, but they are cute, durable, and work!

With Jack being gone, he can usually figure out any mechanical probelms and have it fixed in like 5 minutes. So when I had problems with my sewing machine, I felt stuck. I wanted to throw the machine against the wall. I decided against that, and tried to work out the problem myself. An HOUR later, I had figured out the issue, and away I sewed. By the 3rd one, it was much better, and I was working faster.

What you need:
Reuseable cloth diapers. (Target sells a pack of a bunch for like $15)
Flannel cloth in the pattern of your choice. ( Mine was on sale at Joanne's Fabric for like $3/yard. SWEET. A yard can make a few burp cloths)
Coordinating thread.

Wash fabric. Cut fabric the size of cloth diaper. Sew right sides together. Don't start at a corner...start in the middle. Turn right side out and stitch again around the outside. And you are done! I will post a tutorial later. I might make matching receiving blankets at the rate I am going!

The cute patterns.


cute deals

I am the queen of the clearance rack. I am now trying to find good deals for Little G whenever I go to the store. I found these onesies at Target in the clearance, and they were about $5! I thought they were super cute. Of course, i'll splurge on an a outfit here and there.....

I got these at the Children's place. They may not have been on clearance, but they were on sale! I can't wait to put him in this outfit at 3-6 months!

April 3, 2012

baby naming

This baby naming business is HARD! You have such a task in naming your child. You don't want to curse your child with a horrible name, or give them an utterly boring name. Jack and I can't see to agree on a name. We have very different tastes. As a child of the 80s, EVERYONE had the same name. I want something different and fun. Nothing too crazy, but it is not much fun when there are 10 other kids in your class with the same name. You could either bless or curse your child forever with the name you give them, to the point they may want to legally change their name when they are old enough. Yikes!

Hopefully we can come to terms on a common ground for a name before he gets here!

animal crazy town

Sometimes I swear it is my pets that are the children. They are definitely preparing me for the August. It sometimes feels like I am dealing with fighting siblings or a toddler who is refusing to eat their dinner. The toddler? Guinness. He can be such a brat sometimes. He will sit there in his crate after I give him his food and turn his head away and just stare at me. It makes me want to scream sometimes. Not only is it a waste of food, but my goodness it is A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. In reality, it is preparing me for the August arrival. I am quite sure there will be a point in life where my kid won't want to eat his food, or just sit there at the table and hold the food is his mouth.

I also have the cats chasing each other around fighting like it is a pair of bickering siblings. There is only so much I can do to interact and stop the fight (mostly because hissing and cat screams are ear wrenching.) I can only imagine what they do when I am not home!

Such good preparation for child care. This is animal crazy town.