July 29, 2010

Jack Johnson

A few weeks back....Jack, his mom, brother, myself, and a few friends went to the Jack Johnson concert at Merriweather Pavilion in MD.

Jack loves Jack Johnson, but i am not an advid listener. Let me tell you, it was one crowded concert! Good thing for jumbo screens, we couldnt even really see the stage! And boy, it was HOT that day!

Before the concert started!

The ladies chatting it up while waiting for the concert to start.

Jack & I.....just hanging out.

It was a good concert. Once the sun went down it cooled off a bit. I didn't know many of the songs playing, but they sure were nice to listen to. Summer concerts are great. Just sit there, on your blanket in the grass, flip-flops off, and enjoy the sun.....

July 25, 2010

My sister, brother in-law, and niece came to visit us this weekend. They had only been down once before, and it was for the day at our engagement party last year. This time they stayed for the whole weekend! We had lots of fun and did lots of different things!

We played at the pool!!

We went to Annapolis

Lucy & her Uncle Jack

Lucy feeding the ducks. Jack letting me take a portrait of us because he knows if i don't all i will do is complain! I love taking pictures.


The events of these 3 pictures.......

picture #1: Jack has Lucy in her arms.....they fall down a hill.....but Jack saves lucy by breaking the fall with his butt!
picture #2: Mommy is there to make it all better
picture #3: The cutest little sad face there is! Nothing a bowl of ice cream can't fix!

We made pancakes in the morning. Lucy was the best helper.

It was a great relaxing weekend, and everyone had a good time. Lucy didn't even remember the "incident" after bowl of ice cream :-)

Cousins and Ice Cream sundaes

About a week and a half ago, I got a call from my cousin Wendy who lives in Willamsport, PA. She said she would be in DC visiting a friend from CA, and was wondering if she and her girls could crash at my house for the night. I asked her when and she stated 'tomorrow?"

Whoa! Real soon. Of course I welcomed them with open arms. I met them after work, went went to dinner and made ice cream sundaes. My two cousins each got to pick a topping on their ice cream. One picked sour watermelon candy, the other picked gummy worms! Interesting choices! I had plain old M&Ms.

The ice cream crew. It was a fun night!!!

Pa wedding

Last weekend, Jack & I attending a wedding for our friends Jenn & Chris. The got married in PA at Meredith Manor. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was super fun. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding, so i got to part take in all the behind the scenes fun!!!

The bride: Jenn. She was so ready to get married. Anticipation is the WORST!!

The Broadway's!!! Married!

The table runners were so cute.

We have been friend's since the 7th grade. We were roomates, and were both a part in each other's wedding. Long friendship is the greatest.

Jack & I! And we took a real good picture! (Ususally it takes a few tries!)

July 14, 2010

Something to look forward to!


We FINALLY booked our yearly vacation last week! So exciting. We saved some of the money from our wedding towards vacation, so we had some options to think about!

I had only a few rules....it be around the time of our anniversary, and be warm. ( Although I would have totally been game for a trip to like Alaska or something. That is one of my must see places!)

Jack only had two requests: It be all inclusive AND a pool bar.

We are easy people to please! We were trying to go somewhere different this year, somewhere we had never been. Unfortuantely, Aruba, Barbados, and Antigua were just  too darn expensive! Darn it!

So, we decided that we would just go back to the Dominican Republic, and stay at the same resort we did two years ago when we were last there on vacation. we LOVED it there. It was so nice, and it was just an amazing trip! We are looking forward to it, as it is the only vacation we are taking all year!

July 7, 2010


As hard as we try, we love food that is bad for us. So in honro of trying to get healthy and summertime weather, I decided we should make fruit smoothies. For 5 years of my high school/college life, I worked at Dairy Queen/Orange Julius. Yes one of the most fun jobs I ever had! We made smoothies at OJ.....but we had all thatfancy stuff at work to use, and I have never tried it right out of the kitchen....

So......here it went. I kind of guessed the ingredients. It was good, not perfect.....needs some perfecting.....but hopefully I'll be able to post a yummy-worthy recipe of sharing soon!

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

It was a mixture of  frozen yogurt,Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and a little bit of orange juice.It came out not too bad, needs some tweeking. Stay tuned!

July 3, 2010

3 years later....

3 Years Later.......

When you get married, i don't know if you are supposed to remember the day you started dating in addition to your wedding day date? So I just remember both! Jack and I started dating in the end of June 2007, and just celebrated 3 years of being together. In honor of that, here are some pictures of our 3 years together. There were so many pictures accumulated over 3 years, I could only choose a handful. Enjoy!

Ahhh Jack playing the wedding date for me back in 2007....

Our first beach trip together....

At his sister's engagement party in 2007

Ending 2007 at a Pats vs. Raven's NFL game!

New Years 2008. Practicing our model pose.

Our first really big vacation together. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic May 2008

A few weeks later at his sister's wedding....

On the ski lift practicing our mad snowboard skills....

At the witch dungeon, Salem, MA in Sept 2008.

Our fantastic Halloween costumes 2008. His was a bit scary....

Engaged <3 <3 December 2008

Engagment/Christmastime 2008

Snowboarding in New Hampshire in February 2009.

Muddy Buddy Race, Richmond VA...May 2009

Rascal FLatts Concert, June 2009. My first concert ever!!!

Our co-ed wedding showerr, August 2009. I wonder what team Jack cheers for...

Next day, at a Red Sox game in Baltimore...

At work in the Capitol, Sept 2009.

Our wedding day. OCt 24th 2009. <3<3

Our 1st dance at the wedding receptiom

ALOHA!!! Just  landing in Maui for our Hawaiian Honeymoon!!

Spending time at our hotel pool....the Ritz Carlton

A Hawaiian Sunset

Black Sand Beach, Hana

Dec 25th, 2009. Our 1st Christmas as a married couple!

Out in Los Angeles, CA having fun visiting his sister, Jan 2010!

March 2010, Disney World for a weekend. I ran in a half marathon!

Valentine's Day 2010, Hershey, PA. Why not spend Valentine's day at the sweetest place on earth!

Annapolis, MD May 2010

At a friends wedding in Deep Creek Lake, MD.

Here is our 1st three years together.....stay tuned for many more to come :-)