July 14, 2010

Something to look forward to!


We FINALLY booked our yearly vacation last week! So exciting. We saved some of the money from our wedding towards vacation, so we had some options to think about!

I had only a few rules....it be around the time of our anniversary, and be warm. ( Although I would have totally been game for a trip to like Alaska or something. That is one of my must see places!)

Jack only had two requests: It be all inclusive AND a pool bar.

We are easy people to please! We were trying to go somewhere different this year, somewhere we had never been. Unfortuantely, Aruba, Barbados, and Antigua were just  too darn expensive! Darn it!

So, we decided that we would just go back to the Dominican Republic, and stay at the same resort we did two years ago when we were last there on vacation. we LOVED it there. It was so nice, and it was just an amazing trip! We are looking forward to it, as it is the only vacation we are taking all year!

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Meredith Cates said...

That looks like a blast! I am super jealous! I love that you two make a point to go away together!