July 25, 2010

My sister, brother in-law, and niece came to visit us this weekend. They had only been down once before, and it was for the day at our engagement party last year. This time they stayed for the whole weekend! We had lots of fun and did lots of different things!

We played at the pool!!

We went to Annapolis

Lucy & her Uncle Jack

Lucy feeding the ducks. Jack letting me take a portrait of us because he knows if i don't all i will do is complain! I love taking pictures.


The events of these 3 pictures.......

picture #1: Jack has Lucy in her arms.....they fall down a hill.....but Jack saves lucy by breaking the fall with his butt!
picture #2: Mommy is there to make it all better
picture #3: The cutest little sad face there is! Nothing a bowl of ice cream can't fix!

We made pancakes in the morning. Lucy was the best helper.

It was a great relaxing weekend, and everyone had a good time. Lucy didn't even remember the "incident" after bowl of ice cream :-)

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Meredith Cates said...

Such precious pictures! I also love the henderson high blog, what a creative idea to connect people. We should add all the g-friend pics from our weddings, unless that is super cheesy! We should have a phone date soon so I can stop stalking you on your blog!