September 26, 2010

Fall is here....almost

I do not care that it is 90 degrees outside and it is the end of September. It means closer to fall weather, if it ever gets here. *Sigh* I mean these decorations you can only use for a few months, and then a new season comes along, so I try to make the most of every season and its decorations.

My mom got me a cute pumpkin wagon for our front porch. I went to Michael's and decorated it and added a pumpkin I picked while in PA at Highland Orchards (AWESOME PLACE!), then got some other decorations for it. I also got out the rest of our fall decorations. LOVE IT!!!

Of course the day I set up the pumpkin wagon ( complete with hay) we have a torrential downpour/thunderstorm/high winds.....i swear a tornado blew through our backyard! My poor pumpkin wagon was blew to pieces and the scarecrow flew out!!! I had to reset it up, but now it looks fine, i just keep it closer to the front door (just in case!)

Camping Out

The Shenandoah's

I am a hiking enthusiast now, which Jack likes because he is an outdoors type person too. I wanted to camp outside since I have never done it before. Jack has done it numerous times. This past weekend we went to Shenandoah National Park and went camping overnight there. How exciting for me! Jack was excited too because now we have something other else to do as a couple!

In the parking lot all ready to go!

Hiking and hiking and hiking and hiking.....

Finally made it! Took 3 hours to hike there....about 6 miles....

I'm glad i bought Jack this 2 person tent for Xmas last year!

I built this fire. Yes I kid you not. I, Melissa, built this fire.
It is funny because Jack couldn't get it going. I took over and away we went! When I vacationed in Maine, my friend's dad taught me how to build a fire. Yep, I am a professional. I kept adding and adding stuff to it.....and it became this........(next picture)

The fire by the end of the night. It is so relaxing.
 It is weird, I could stare at a fire for hours and not even realize how fast the time goes by.

2 entries in the log book at the hut. 1st one is from "Hannah Montana" it is SO funny.  Entry #2: I have been following a blog on the Internet from a hiker named "Coon Cat" he hiked the Appalachian Trail this past season, and I found his entry in the log book. Very neat.

The next morning. It was soooooooooooo cold that night. I had the all around hiker experience. It was gorgeous on Saturday. I told Jack that it was supposed to rain on Sunday. He told me it would rain Sunday evening, so we would be fine Saturday night, no need to put our waterproof pack covers on. WELL. Who was right? Oh I was. I had a hard time falling asleep. I have never slept outside, unlike Jack, so it was much more difficult for me. I was afraid that I would awake to a huge nose at my head sniffing at the tent. Bears. AHHH! Let's just say I had an uncomfortable sleep. But I am light sleeper unlike Jack. I awoke around was POURING rain outside. I had to wake him up so we could go get our packs down off the bear poles to cover them to keep them dry..

Staying warm!

Beautiful view

The "AT" Appalachian Trail symbol

It was an all around good time, can't wait to go again!!!

September 9, 2010

Harper's Ferry

The weekend after I came back from Maine, I already immediately wanted to go hiking again! I had planned on hiking alone since Jack had to work. But then, he didnt have to work!!! So on Sunday, Jack, Danny & I went to Harper's Ferry, and hiked the Appalachian Trail in that area. ( I am getting addicted to it!!)

It was only about 1.5 hour drive from our house, so off we went. We thought it be a nice little hike....or so we thought.....

The AT headquarters is actually Harper's Ferry. This is almost the "halfway point" on the trail

Our friend Garrett thru-hiked the whole Appalchian Trail in 2000. We looked and found his picture!

Some pictures of our little adventure. I don't know how Danny did it, he was operating on only like 3 or four  hours of sleep!

Notice Jack's super fake smile. He is appeasing me because I want to document everything with my camera. All the time.

Historic Harper's Ferry. The trail passes right through it. (got some soft serve ice cream on the way back!)

Jack & I down by the river. It was great day, sunny and not too humid!

Almost to our destination: the Weverton Cliff overlook.

the 3 of us, taking a break!

We did about 10 miles round trip, it was a bit hard, and we were very tired afterwards! Good little day trip!

Maine: Part II

Maine: Part II

After the venturing to Millinocket, Maine, my next stop was Bar Harbor. We were on the road by 6pmish in the direction of Bar Harbor, only a 2 hourish drive from Millinocket. We were tired, sore, but stilll fueld by our energy from the hike. We arrive no later than 9am...tired, desperate need of a shower....then early bed for us!

The next day was spend exploring downtown Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park
 ( and NO it is not ARcadia people!!)

Acadia was really nice. It was like an all-in-one park! It had lakes, mountainsm trees, rolling hills, cliffs, and the ocean. Such a beautiful place!

On top of Cadillac Mountain. Yes  I am a dork!

Sunset over Frenchmen's Bay in Bar Harbor, ME

Getting some icecream downtown! Sitting with my friend the lobster!
The next day ( Sunday), we made our way down the coast to Freeport and stopped at the Legendary L.L. Bean. (open 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year!!!).We spent the day there, then headed back down south to DC on Monday morning....

Such a great trip. Can't wait to go back!!!