September 9, 2010

Harper's Ferry

The weekend after I came back from Maine, I already immediately wanted to go hiking again! I had planned on hiking alone since Jack had to work. But then, he didnt have to work!!! So on Sunday, Jack, Danny & I went to Harper's Ferry, and hiked the Appalachian Trail in that area. ( I am getting addicted to it!!)

It was only about 1.5 hour drive from our house, so off we went. We thought it be a nice little hike....or so we thought.....

The AT headquarters is actually Harper's Ferry. This is almost the "halfway point" on the trail

Our friend Garrett thru-hiked the whole Appalchian Trail in 2000. We looked and found his picture!

Some pictures of our little adventure. I don't know how Danny did it, he was operating on only like 3 or four  hours of sleep!

Notice Jack's super fake smile. He is appeasing me because I want to document everything with my camera. All the time.

Historic Harper's Ferry. The trail passes right through it. (got some soft serve ice cream on the way back!)

Jack & I down by the river. It was great day, sunny and not too humid!

Almost to our destination: the Weverton Cliff overlook.

the 3 of us, taking a break!

We did about 10 miles round trip, it was a bit hard, and we were very tired afterwards! Good little day trip!

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