December 18, 2011

WC Alumni girls 2011

This past weekend I had my annual high school girls get together. I am so fortunate to have such great girlfriends, and to have a bond that has lasted all these years. We may live all over the United States and  have busy lives, but during the Christmas season we try to make to make a good effort to see each other. This year is our 9th Annual Christmas!!!! Holy Crap!!

I love getting together with these special ladies. We talk, laugh, giggle, and just have so much fun together. It is like no time has passed between us. We even try to have a yearly sleepover during the summer at a different girls house every year. I don't have any other girlfriends that I can do such things with: staying up late laughing, and reminiscing over great times and memories. I am so blessed to know these girls, and am thankful everyday for their friendship.