June 13, 2010

It's wedding season!

A few weeks ago, Jack & I ventured out to Cumberland, MD for a friends wedding! The couple is friends we work with at the Capitol. They chose a place between both of their familes, and the Deep Creek Lake area was the spot!

Deek Creek Lake is a beautiful area, lots of nice scenery. A beautiful wedding, but boy was it HOT that day! It was a good time with good friends from work!

The happy couple! Mr & Mrs. Ridgley

Jack & I in front of the lake!

Silly boys. Probably the best picture of the night!

First Dance!

The "Melissa's"

The work crew!!

June 6, 2010

Dad & Kathy came to visit!

My dad & Kathy came to visit us this past weekend. IT was a nice visit. They arrived on saturday and left early this morning. We took them to the Capitol because my Dad has been wanting to go there! We couldn't get up into the Dome of the Rotunda, but maybe next time!

Yes, I laid on the floor of the Rotunda in the Capitol to get this picture. I have no shame, and it is an awesome shot to get the ceiling in it!

Swing Away

At my mom's house in PA, we had a wooden porch swing. No one really uses it now, so I asked my mom if I could have it. It was kind of ironic because she was going to ask me if I wanted it. She always said how she thought our front porch needed something since it was so bare!

Here it is. Our"new" swing! It is great to swing out here and listen to thunderstorms!