March 25, 2010

In need of constant sunshine

This past weekend the weather was crazy nice. We decided to have some friends and family over for a 1st of the season BBQ. It wasnt supposed to rain till later that night, and I am glad the weather held out.

Jack's mom for the wedding gave us a gift card to Lowes (super awesome!), and we bought our new grill with it. Well, since it was around end of summer when we bought it, it mostly sat in a box in the garage all winter.

Jack was in a building mood (maybe it was the weather motivating him!) and put the grill together before everyone came over for the BBQ, so we could use it that day.

It turned out great, and the grill is perfect. I unfortuantely do not know how to grill, so I will leave that up to Jack!

I want constant sunshine so we can cook out all time. Nothing is better than bbq, great weather, and great friends & family.

Jack's mad grillin' skills put to work!

Our new grill :-)

I can't grill, but I sure can make a great dessert!

Spring is here!

The weather finally has warmed up. No more snow for the DC area, thank-goodness! The 1st day of spring was this past weekend. Sorry cold weather. I won't even miss you. The last week or so the weather has been agreeable. This past weekend tempatures soared into the upper 60s!

Around our house, life started to show. In the last week, these flowers have bloomed! Our Daffodils!

This little plant started to show life!

I bought this beautiful flower bunch in the store this past weekend in the honor of good weather. Its been almost a week and they are still in bloom!

 lovely lillies!

March 13, 2010

Disney for a New York Minute

After the marathon I ran, we didn't have time to go to all the attractions that Disney has to offer. We were pressed for time and only in Orlando for the weekend.
So, I decided that the Magic Kingdom is a must-see.
Jack had never been to Disney, so I figured that would be the best place to go.

Jack's 1st time in Disney. Posing in front of Cinderella's castle.

On our way to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland!

In front of Cinderella's castle!

Waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion ride!

No trip is complete without a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar!

Pirates of the Carribean Ride. "Where has all the rum gone?"

Everynight at  Disney, just after dark , they put on a great light-up parade called 'Spectromagic". It is a must-see! Every parade float and costume is made of hundreds and thousands of lights!
Mickey & Pluto!!


Ending the night with an amazing fireworks display at Cinderella's castle! I have to credit Jack with the fireworks pictures, he did a great job!

It was a great weekend trip. An added bonus to the marathon run. We will definately have to come back for another trip for a longer period of time to see all that Disney has to offer!!!

March 12, 2010

Princess for A Day

This past weekend, I participated in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race in Orlando, FL. Running a half marathon is on my list of "to-do" things, and I found this one. I could not find anyone to run it with me, so I still figured I would run it, and drag Jack along for the trip! (He didn't mind, I promise!)
There were about 14,000 runners. There were women running in full princess costumes.
I thought it was pretty neat. I'll have to find a costume for next year!
I just donned a t-shirt I made and a princess tiara!
Its 4am. Its 35 degrees. Jack is an amazing husband to offer to go to Florida with me and support me in running this race. He was willing to get up at 3am with to prepare and wait for the 6am start. He then sat for another 2 1/2 hours waiting for me to cross the finish line. What a great husband I have !!!!

The start of the race began with fireworks. The race began at 6am!

The finish line where all the runners end

I started in Corrale C. I started about 15 minutes after the race began so I had to subtract the clock time from my chip time. I finished in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
I was happy with the time. I wanted to do it in 3 hours!

After the race. Everyone who finishes the race receives a princess medal which I thought was really neat. I was happy for the accomplishment, but I was super tired!!

There were lots of Disney characters to meet and greet with.
Mickey & Minnie were there to greet the winner!

March 1, 2010

Ms. Lucy Anderson

Meet Ms. Lucy Anderson.

Meet Lucy. Is she my child? Definately not! I have the honor of being her Aunt! She is 1 1/2 years old. She is adventurous. She loves giving kisses. Some of her favorite activites are playing with her three aunts Melissa, Jessica & Hilary, visiting Sophie the dog, visiting with Grammy, throwing her sippy cup on the floor and helping Gigi feed the kitty kats.

This baby definately is not an Recchiuti, she is an Anderson. She looks so much like her daddy! A brown-eyed-girl? Definately not! This little chica rocks some beautiful baby blues! She is such a doll. She is the world's cutest niece! I am writing a post about her because I only get to see her when I go visit PA, so I take as many pictures as I can!

She is such a ham and loves posing for the camera!

She loves to share and play with her toys!

Surprise Nana!

The same weekend I had coffee with friends, was the weekend of my Nana's surprise 85th birthday.

Meet Nana:

Nana was totally clueless. We had a surprise party at her house, and it was my job to entertain her! So I took her to the dollar store ( which she LOVES), then I took her to the pet store to visit the puppies. I was running out of ideas when finally I was told I could bring her on back to the house to get the party started! The guests consisted of my mom, nana, sisters, niece, brother-in-law, aunt, uncle, cousins and her neighbors. We had a great turnout!

Nathan. what a CUTIE pie!

Lucy meeting Nathan

totally not ready for the camera

Happy birthday to you Nana!

Nana & her grand-kids

The whole family (minus Jack!)


Nana & her great-grand kids!