March 13, 2010

Disney for a New York Minute

After the marathon I ran, we didn't have time to go to all the attractions that Disney has to offer. We were pressed for time and only in Orlando for the weekend.
So, I decided that the Magic Kingdom is a must-see.
Jack had never been to Disney, so I figured that would be the best place to go.

Jack's 1st time in Disney. Posing in front of Cinderella's castle.

On our way to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland!

In front of Cinderella's castle!

Waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion ride!

No trip is complete without a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar!

Pirates of the Carribean Ride. "Where has all the rum gone?"

Everynight at  Disney, just after dark , they put on a great light-up parade called 'Spectromagic". It is a must-see! Every parade float and costume is made of hundreds and thousands of lights!
Mickey & Pluto!!


Ending the night with an amazing fireworks display at Cinderella's castle! I have to credit Jack with the fireworks pictures, he did a great job!

It was a great weekend trip. An added bonus to the marathon run. We will definately have to come back for another trip for a longer period of time to see all that Disney has to offer!!!

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