October 31, 2010

The Paper Anniversary


Traditional Anniversary Gift: Paper

Jack and I decided we wanted to do traditional anniversary gifts. 1st anniversary is "The Paper Anniversary". A paper gift? hmmmm...

It is actually harder then you think! I decided I would get Jack tickets to a Patriots game since he is a Boston fan. And I wanted to try and get the tickets for a game up in Massachusetts. So i searched and searched. Football tickets are not cheap, but easy to find. We only had one free weekend in December, and the Patriots were playing up in Mass. Score!

So, I was super excited to give him his gift. I was BURSTING to tell him, but i kept my secret for 3 weeks! Then time came to exchange the presents. I wanted to be funny and cunning, so I made it into a little puzzle with clues!

Clue #1: The Patriot

Clue #2: The Boston City Skyline

Clue #3: Snowglobe.....cold in December! (what gave it away, it also says Gillette Stadium)

All lined up pretty.

He really enjoyed his gift, and I recieved a spa gift card from him, which I can't wait to use!
Happy Anniversary!

October 30, 2010

Just got back!

Hey everyone,

We just got back from a week-long vacation. Check back later for updated posts!

October 20, 2010

slowly but surely

While Jack was traveling for work, he said I could start painting the shutters. You never know how many shutters you have until you start painting them yourself. Yikes. We have a crazy amount of shutters.

Our shutter were white, but we wanted to paint them a brick/maroon red. It will look nice when we are all done, and go with the tan exterior of the house.

Each shutter needs like 2-3 coats of paint to cover the white underneath. It is very time consuming!!! The shutters that are done.....

The shutters that still need to be done.....Right now, that seems like an eternity away!

happy birthday Part II

Another delayed post......We had a birthday celebration the weekend before Jack's birthday at his mom's house. It was nice. His birthday was mid week, so I had a little something when he got home from work that night. ( and no i didn't bake these. I was all baked out)

Happy birthday Jack!

A gag gift I got him. He always says we have too many cat decorations in the house.....hahaha.


While Jack was traveling for work for the week, some co-workers and I participated in a muddy race called the Warrior Dash. It is mud, 3 miles, and lots of obstacles. Crazy fun!

Donated shoes at the end of the race....although it eerily reminded me of the Holocaust Museum in DC.....

The group of racers....nice and clean before the race.

Nice and muddy after the race!

October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack

This past weekend, some friends, family and Jack & I gathered at his mom's house for an early birthday celebration. Jacks birthday (10/6) is this wednesday, but he is going away for work to CA, so we partied a little early. It was lots of fun, and good to see people!

 Happy 28th Birthday Jack!