October 31, 2010

The Paper Anniversary


Traditional Anniversary Gift: Paper

Jack and I decided we wanted to do traditional anniversary gifts. 1st anniversary is "The Paper Anniversary". A paper gift? hmmmm...

It is actually harder then you think! I decided I would get Jack tickets to a Patriots game since he is a Boston fan. And I wanted to try and get the tickets for a game up in Massachusetts. So i searched and searched. Football tickets are not cheap, but easy to find. We only had one free weekend in December, and the Patriots were playing up in Mass. Score!

So, I was super excited to give him his gift. I was BURSTING to tell him, but i kept my secret for 3 weeks! Then time came to exchange the presents. I wanted to be funny and cunning, so I made it into a little puzzle with clues!

Clue #1: The Patriot

Clue #2: The Boston City Skyline

Clue #3: Snowglobe.....cold in December! (what gave it away, it also says Gillette Stadium)

All lined up pretty.

He really enjoyed his gift, and I recieved a spa gift card from him, which I can't wait to use!
Happy Anniversary!

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