April 29, 2010

Bye Bye Tree

Rememeber your project we started last year?
The boys had a fun day of being manly. Climbing trees, Chainsaws, Beer. Whats not to love? We chopped down the annoying tree that was in front of our house. I mean, it was an ok tree. But between the flowers and leaves, it needed to go.
Sorry Tree

Well, for about 6 months, the tree that we chopped down was just a stump........

.........................But now...........
The infamous stump is no more! I can finally finish the flower beds in the front of the house!

Now the stump is mulch!

April 28, 2010

One less thing to worry about!

One more thing to be free of. These little plastic cards may appear to be your friends. But it is a lie. They are not. If you have one, please do this. It will change your life!

(Info blocked for protection of privacy of course!)

Bye Bye my fake plastic friend. You are paid off. Now I destroy you.

April 22, 2010

Catching up!

Catching up! Where has April gone? It is almost May! Here are the updates for the month of April.

Beginning of April. Boston Red Sox came to DC. So, obviously we went to the game, and some friends came too! It was great weather, the Sox won, and it was a good game. We had AWESOME seats too!

Just hanging at the game!

Mid Apri: My Mom & Nana came to visit! Nana has not left Pennsylvania in like 40 years, so this was a HUGE deal! I took them around the Capitol building, Annapolis, and into Georgetown for some cupcakes! Nana seemed to have a good time!

Taking Nana on a tour of the Capitol!!

My favorite picture! Nana in DC!

Mom had her birthday! We celebrated with cupcakes!

Nana & Gracie catching some sun outside!

It was an over-all great weekend!

April 6, 2010

Our very BIG vacation plans

Meet Carl & Ellie of Disney Pixar's UP!

If you have not seen this movie, you need to. It is a MUST see! Childhood adventure sweethearts, Carl & Ellie insprired us to take our dream vacation. Where is their's? Paradise Falls, in South America. These two adventure lovers had a little penny jar to save and everything.

Our Very BIG vacation plans.....
Our goal for next year is the South Pacific. We really want to go to Tahiti or Fiji. Beautiful, natural, warm and tropical islands half way around the world. Places where your rooms are out over the water in water bungelows.....literally.

Only problem.....VERY VERY expensive.
Fiji at Sunset


So, inspired by Carl & Ellie's attempt to save for their dream vacation, it also insprired me. Jack had a little surprise when he came home from work one night.....I had made something that day....

Our "Paradise Falls" fund. I'll be saving our pennies, because you can bet that I will be vacationing in the South Pacific next year!

Thank-you Carl & Ellie for your inspiration and love for adventure

Updates of March

I have been neglecting the blogs lately, so here are some updates!

March 2010:

Signs of spring and life start to show. The weather has finally hit the 60s and today even hit 90 degrees! AWESOME! Slowly, the outdoors have been coming to life!
Something popping out of the ground (no it isnt a weed), and daffiodills are growing in our yard!!

A new mailbox. Those of you have been to our house.....The people who lived here before us must have LOVED pigs, ever since we have moved in, all we find is pig decorations. We find it in the weirdest places! The most recent was, I found something behind out heater. I think it is all gone now....

Introducing: Our Mailbox. Yes this is a mailbox. It seems to be a cow/pig hybrid mix. Weird, yes. Memorable? Most definately. Please take a look at the next few pictures....

Yes, our mailbox has a tail. Your eyes did not decieve you.

Good bye mailbox.....

Hello new normal mailbox!

Now, injuries. As I posted previously, I had participated in a half marathon in Orlando, FL. Here is the result....an injured foot. We were not quite sure what was/is wrong with it. It hurt for about a month, and then after a doctor's appointment, I was placed in this aircast thing with a SWEET looking walking boot.

It was my fault really. I should have went in when it did not stop hurting after a few days. I, being the idiot, waited two weeks. Yes, I am dumb.

I was placed on restricted duty for a week at work. The doctor thinks it was stress fractures. After a week of being off my feet, it felt much better. It still throbs a bit, and hurts to bend it in certain directions, but I can at least walk on it without limping or cringing in pain. But, my knee still hurts, I suspect tendonitis. Since the race I have not rain. I have taken on a less painful activity....biking :-)