April 6, 2010

Updates of March

I have been neglecting the blogs lately, so here are some updates!

March 2010:

Signs of spring and life start to show. The weather has finally hit the 60s and today even hit 90 degrees! AWESOME! Slowly, the outdoors have been coming to life!
Something popping out of the ground (no it isnt a weed), and daffiodills are growing in our yard!!

A new mailbox. Those of you have been to our house.....The people who lived here before us must have LOVED pigs, ever since we have moved in, all we find is pig decorations. We find it in the weirdest places! The most recent was, I found something behind out heater. I think it is all gone now....

Introducing: Our Mailbox. Yes this is a mailbox. It seems to be a cow/pig hybrid mix. Weird, yes. Memorable? Most definately. Please take a look at the next few pictures....

Yes, our mailbox has a tail. Your eyes did not decieve you.

Good bye mailbox.....

Hello new normal mailbox!

Now, injuries. As I posted previously, I had participated in a half marathon in Orlando, FL. Here is the result....an injured foot. We were not quite sure what was/is wrong with it. It hurt for about a month, and then after a doctor's appointment, I was placed in this aircast thing with a SWEET looking walking boot.

It was my fault really. I should have went in when it did not stop hurting after a few days. I, being the idiot, waited two weeks. Yes, I am dumb.

I was placed on restricted duty for a week at work. The doctor thinks it was stress fractures. After a week of being off my feet, it felt much better. It still throbs a bit, and hurts to bend it in certain directions, but I can at least walk on it without limping or cringing in pain. But, my knee still hurts, I suspect tendonitis. Since the race I have not rain. I have taken on a less painful activity....biking :-)

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