April 19, 2015

New Photography

Last year I changed the name of my photography from Melissa Gibson Photography to Captured Photography. I just needed a name that would fit me better, and describe me best, what my "brand" is. I have a new website, which I did by myself which I am quite proud of. It took a few weeks to learn how to do everything from cursing at my computer to uploading files. But its done!

Here is a sample of a few of my photos, if you need photos here is my info!



Well it has been over a year since an update has been posted. Wow. Slacker here. Here are your updates:

Zane is now 2 1/2. This age has proven to be fun, joyous, entertaining, and down right frustrating! I like his personality minus the tantrums! He knows all his ABCs and can count almost to 30. He is a blue eyed boy who will be a lady killer in about 15 years I am sure. He is on his 7th ear infection since November, so we have to make a trip to Johns Hopkins to see an ENT to determine whether he needs tubes or not. He has proven to be stubborn like his mommy too!

1. We moved to Bel Air, MD from DC, bought a house.

2. Jack got a new job, I left my job as police officer in DC and still do photography (www.capturedinlove.com)

3. Baby #2 is due end of October.

We like Bel Air MUCH better than DC. We like the little life we are setting up here. We are right between both our families, which is nice. The traffic is much less, the people are much NICER, and life isn't as hectic (well its hectic in a different way). But its not as bad stressful as living in DC area. I honestly can say I do not miss that area, but I do miss some of the people. We look forward to this upcoming year and to see what it has to bring.

December 5, 2013


This was Zane at Thanksgiving last year on the left. How tiny! Only 3 months old! Zane this year is on the right. How time has flown. 

 Our Thanksgiving this year was spent at home with Jack's mom and our friend Mike. The food and company was good. We did not make it up to Pennsylvania this year because we both had to work the day before and after the holiday. Pretty crappy, but oh well, not much we can do. 

Zane didn't really care for turkey, but ate mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn. Maybe next year we can convince him to eat a little more :-)