September 20, 2011

Guinness update

Here is our big boy. He was sick for awhile with stomach issue and lost 12 lbs, but he is doing much better! He is now up to 60lbs and still growing! The vet thinks he might grow to be about 90lbs, but I think he might top off around 80lbs. We will see as he grows! He is still very young, much like an over grown puppy.

 He has adjusted well to us and the house.  He is still wary of the cats, but getting used to them. Gracie and Guinness will sniff each other, but Gracie still lets him know that she is in charge, and poor Patches doesn't care for him much. Hopefully that will all pass in good time!

September 18, 2011

my kind of saturday night

Jack has been traveling a lot for work. Which means I don't have much to do. So what do I on my Saturday nights? Craft making! I am really thinking I should start selling these things online or at craft fairs or something. I decided to be a bit craftier with this one. I bought wooden letters and hand painted them and then hot glued them on. It turned out to be a very fun wreath!

September 10, 2011

Autumn...just around the corner

Goodbye August....hello September! 

Once August is officially over, I mark September as being able to decorate for the fall, even if it is 80 degrees outside. Jack is gone for the weekend, so I figured I would decorate. I was sort of bored on last night (friday night). And being the cool and awesome person that I am, I found a random assortment of fall decorations that I hadn't made anything with yet, and decided to throw a wreath together. 

Did I mention how cool I am?

I was at Michaels yesterday, and found an awesome cute autumn find! For $1.49, I found these super cute flower napkin holders. They came in about 4 different colors, but I liked yellow because it was nice and happy!

Once October hits, I can't wait to decorate for Halloween!

Catching up on August

I realize the entire month of August, there has been a lack of blogging. August was a busy month for us. Every weekend, I was in a different state! I was in West Chester, PA; Jackson, WY; Los Angeles, CA; and whitewater rafting in WV! Busy busy busy!

Here is catching up on August:

West Chester, PA: Lucy turned 3! Happy Birthday Lucy!

I participated in my Summit for Someone. It was a mountain climb I did for charity. I summited the Grand Teton in Jackson, WY. It was AWESOME! 

Traveled to LA to celebrate Flynn's birthday! Happy 1st birthday Flynn!

Ended up the month whitewater rafting in WV!