September 20, 2011

Guinness update

Here is our big boy. He was sick for awhile with stomach issue and lost 12 lbs, but he is doing much better! He is now up to 60lbs and still growing! The vet thinks he might grow to be about 90lbs, but I think he might top off around 80lbs. We will see as he grows! He is still very young, much like an over grown puppy.

 He has adjusted well to us and the house.  He is still wary of the cats, but getting used to them. Gracie and Guinness will sniff each other, but Gracie still lets him know that she is in charge, and poor Patches doesn't care for him much. Hopefully that will all pass in good time!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Melissa, he is so cute!! I'm glad you got that stomach bug under control... I hope that he didn't poop in the house or anything!