November 26, 2009

Sorry Thanksgiving, Christmas threw up on our house early!


I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. It is our first holiday as a married couple, and we are both working. BOOO!! At least we have Christmas off together! So, I decided since we don't really get to celebrate Thanksgiving this year since we will both be at work, Christmas is coming early this year!
Here are a few previews of our house......we just got our tree yesterday (yes we went with a fake one, don't hate,  it was just easier with our conflicting schedules this year)

The beginning stages of our tree. All we did was set it up. Only thing on it are lights right now. I put the tree skirt on this morining, and our cat Patches found a new places to sleep! Silly cat!

On top of the Piano, my "cat shrine" as jack likes to make fun of me because I have a lot of cat decor.

Angels that my mom gave me for the piano

Fireplaces, unfinished, still more damage to do :-)

Cute tea light holders I found in Annapolis last year.

This is only the beginning! I still need to set the new camera up with the computer, and when I do, more pictures will be up! This is not even half the pictures, OR decorations I have!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

November 21, 2009

It has arrived!

When Jack & I were in Oahu, we were browsing the stores in Waikiki. Jack wanted to go into this art gallery he liked, Wyland Gallaries. We browsed around, saw a lot of stuff we liked but couldn't reasonably afford half of the stuff in the store. We stumbled upon this piece of glass art that was displayed on the counter, I pointed it out to Jack. It is a handcrafted glass wave. He loved it, surprisingly. The employees who worked there told us about it and how it was made. It took 4 people to make it!

Jack said we needed to talk about it. We went to dinner, talked about it, and he thought it be a good investment, its one-of-a-kind, and it would our "present to ourselves", and a good memory of our Hawaiian honeymoon!

We purchased it, and they told us it would take about two weeks to arrive. They said they would not send it until we arrive home from the honeymoon. We came home, patiently waited, and it came in the mail this week. I was SO worried it would arrive broken since it was flying like 3000 miles.  We opened the box, and it was in the same condition in which we purchased it.

Here are a few pictures of it. We are still deciding where to place it in our house!

November 16, 2009


Jack & I are the proud owners of a Canon EOS Rebel XS 18-55IS! :-)

I had mentioned to Jack I needed a hobby or something. I needed some purpose in life. Right now, my hobby is blogging, but I need a real hobby like knitting or something. Well, i can't knit, so I opted for something else.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I am always the person at wedding, parties, etc. who feels the need to take like 1000 pictures, and document every second of the event!

Jack & I had discussed getting a newer camera before. We already have a nice digital camera that we brought to Hawaii, which we defintely got good use out it! I think I posted like 400 pictures on facebook from our honeymoon!

We wanted a camera that was a little higher quality, one where you can change the lense, play around, and take different types of pictures.

I talked to the photographer who took pictures at our wedding , my friend Mike Morby, (he did an amazing job!), and ask him if he could recommend a good camera for beginners. He recommended the Canon Rebel XS. My friend Maureen from college, (who also take amazing pictures), loves her Nikon, but says Canon is good too.

Jack and I browsed around at prices, did some research. I did my research by going on Consumer Report ( i love that magazine). It came as a highly recommended camera. No place really sold it cheaper than another, the price ranges were all the same, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Ritz Camera etc. Best Buy was not having any kind of Black Friday sale on it. So, we decided purchasing a camera from Best Buy would be our better option, and they offer protection plans.

We went to Best Buy and looked around. They had another camera we liked the Canon Rebel XSI. It is a step up from the camera we were originally looking at, and a bit more expensive. We left the store empty handed and talked about it. We went back to Best Buy the next day again to look. Still torn between the two cameras, Jack noticed that Best Buy was offering a deal on the original camera we were looking at, the Canon Rebel XS. They were going to give you a camera, lense, rechargable battery, and ANOTHER lense for the same price as the expensive XSI we were looking at. No brainer obviously!

So, after all said and done we purchased the Canon Rebel XS, and we are very excited about it. Later after we were home, Jack confessed to me he wanted to try to see what his hand at photography would be, he wanted to give it a try too! So we are both very happy with our purchase. I can't wait to use it during the Holiday seasons!

November 15, 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon, can I please go back?

Jack and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii! I knew we were going to Hawaii, but where we were staying was a total surprise to me, Jack planned everything! All i had to do was pack my bathing suit! We stayed about 2 weeks, and had an amazing time. I had never been there before, so it was a whole  new experience to me. Jack has been to Hawaii a handful of times, so he already kind of knew the lay of the land. We went to Maui first, then finished up the vacation in Oahu. We snorkeled with sea turtles, tropical fish, hiked a volcano, visited the north shore, took a road trip to Hana to see a black-sand-beach, and so much more! Here are a few pictures of our vacation!

We just landed, and got leid!

I still was not used to time difference, so I got up before sunrise on a few occasions. Here is a sunrise from our hotel room balcony.

Jack enjoying a local beer by the pool.

At the beach about to snorkle with the fishes!! I loved my new hat. It helped with my sunburned scalp!

Walking around the resort after dinner.

At the Old Lahaina Luau watching the show

kissy kissy!


The black sand beach in Hana. It was one of Jacks favorite trips.

I was playing with the sand.

The coast line on the drive on the way to Hana.

Our visit to the North Shore. The waves were insane!

Check them out!

At the famous Matsumoto's getting shaved ice!

Hiking Diamond Head

Our Last Dinner in Hawaii. Our waiter Tomo was the best!

November 14, 2009

A few more wedding shots!

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding. Enjoy them, we did!
Photos were taken by my friend and talented photographer Mike Morby ,
click on his name to check out his website!

Yummy Cake!!

First Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance!!

Matron of Honor Speech

Bridal Party Maddness!

My sisters<3

Jack and his Mom

Me with my Mom

With Dad & Kathy

Awesome cake topper

Dance with Dad

Best Man speech

Wedding day

Jack and I got married October 24th, in West Chester PA. West Chester is my hometown. Our ceremony was at West Chester United Methodist Church, and our reception was at Immaculata University. It was a blast. It poured rain that day, but the weather did not damper anyone spirits!

I never believed it when people told me that the day would fly by. But it did! I remember waking up, and then it was time to leave the reception! I made sure to stop, look around, take everything in, and have some cake:-)

The reception was a blast, and almost everyone was busting a move on the dance floor. The DJ kept playing great songs, and I didn't even want to leave the reception. Thank-you to everyone who was there participating in our special day, and a super thanks to those who helped make our wedding day possible!