November 21, 2009

It has arrived!

When Jack & I were in Oahu, we were browsing the stores in Waikiki. Jack wanted to go into this art gallery he liked, Wyland Gallaries. We browsed around, saw a lot of stuff we liked but couldn't reasonably afford half of the stuff in the store. We stumbled upon this piece of glass art that was displayed on the counter, I pointed it out to Jack. It is a handcrafted glass wave. He loved it, surprisingly. The employees who worked there told us about it and how it was made. It took 4 people to make it!

Jack said we needed to talk about it. We went to dinner, talked about it, and he thought it be a good investment, its one-of-a-kind, and it would our "present to ourselves", and a good memory of our Hawaiian honeymoon!

We purchased it, and they told us it would take about two weeks to arrive. They said they would not send it until we arrive home from the honeymoon. We came home, patiently waited, and it came in the mail this week. I was SO worried it would arrive broken since it was flying like 3000 miles.  We opened the box, and it was in the same condition in which we purchased it.

Here are a few pictures of it. We are still deciding where to place it in our house!

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