November 26, 2009

Sorry Thanksgiving, Christmas threw up on our house early!


I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. It is our first holiday as a married couple, and we are both working. BOOO!! At least we have Christmas off together! So, I decided since we don't really get to celebrate Thanksgiving this year since we will both be at work, Christmas is coming early this year!
Here are a few previews of our house......we just got our tree yesterday (yes we went with a fake one, don't hate,  it was just easier with our conflicting schedules this year)

The beginning stages of our tree. All we did was set it up. Only thing on it are lights right now. I put the tree skirt on this morining, and our cat Patches found a new places to sleep! Silly cat!

On top of the Piano, my "cat shrine" as jack likes to make fun of me because I have a lot of cat decor.

Angels that my mom gave me for the piano

Fireplaces, unfinished, still more damage to do :-)

Cute tea light holders I found in Annapolis last year.

This is only the beginning! I still need to set the new camera up with the computer, and when I do, more pictures will be up! This is not even half the pictures, OR decorations I have!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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