December 1, 2009

Home Improvements- part one of many

While I was sick this weekend, Jack had a few projects he wanted to do. The main project being: mount our flatscreen tv above the fireplace. I had no idea that the pictures below were part of his 'to do list'.

We have a big tree in our front yard. While it is pretty, at the same time it is a huge pain in the butt twice a year.....spring & fall. There are either flower blossoms covering our yard from this tree or leaves. We even had to powerwash it off of our roof!  Below is Jack & the guys being men cutting down the tree....haha

He's having wayyy to much fun in that tree!

Firewood for next year!

Project # 2.....mount tv above fireplace.....

The tv...

The fireplace wall.....

getting ready to crawl around in the attic!

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