March 1, 2010

Good Ol' West Chester

Sorry for not updating in awhile! I switched shifts at work, so I am all sorts of off! Last weekend, I went back to PA for a few thing events. Jack was not able to go because he was house/dog-sitting for a co-worker. Usually my first stop on my way home is try to meet friends for coffee in the morning.

Sometimes, this doesn't always work, but we always try to set something up. I lucked out because 3 of my good friends were available! I have a group of friends from middle/high school and we still have annual get-togethers and try to visit one another. It was easier when we all lived in West Chester together, and now we are spread out all over the world from New York, Colorado, Iowa, DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Morocco. I love them dearly. They my sisters, best friends and confidants. I woud be lost without with fabulous group of women.

Sometimes there is no place like home!

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