September 26, 2010

Camping Out

The Shenandoah's

I am a hiking enthusiast now, which Jack likes because he is an outdoors type person too. I wanted to camp outside since I have never done it before. Jack has done it numerous times. This past weekend we went to Shenandoah National Park and went camping overnight there. How exciting for me! Jack was excited too because now we have something other else to do as a couple!

In the parking lot all ready to go!

Hiking and hiking and hiking and hiking.....

Finally made it! Took 3 hours to hike there....about 6 miles....

I'm glad i bought Jack this 2 person tent for Xmas last year!

I built this fire. Yes I kid you not. I, Melissa, built this fire.
It is funny because Jack couldn't get it going. I took over and away we went! When I vacationed in Maine, my friend's dad taught me how to build a fire. Yep, I am a professional. I kept adding and adding stuff to it.....and it became this........(next picture)

The fire by the end of the night. It is so relaxing.
 It is weird, I could stare at a fire for hours and not even realize how fast the time goes by.

2 entries in the log book at the hut. 1st one is from "Hannah Montana" it is SO funny.  Entry #2: I have been following a blog on the Internet from a hiker named "Coon Cat" he hiked the Appalachian Trail this past season, and I found his entry in the log book. Very neat.

The next morning. It was soooooooooooo cold that night. I had the all around hiker experience. It was gorgeous on Saturday. I told Jack that it was supposed to rain on Sunday. He told me it would rain Sunday evening, so we would be fine Saturday night, no need to put our waterproof pack covers on. WELL. Who was right? Oh I was. I had a hard time falling asleep. I have never slept outside, unlike Jack, so it was much more difficult for me. I was afraid that I would awake to a huge nose at my head sniffing at the tent. Bears. AHHH! Let's just say I had an uncomfortable sleep. But I am light sleeper unlike Jack. I awoke around was POURING rain outside. I had to wake him up so we could go get our packs down off the bear poles to cover them to keep them dry..

Staying warm!

Beautiful view

The "AT" Appalachian Trail symbol

It was an all around good time, can't wait to go again!!!


Bethany Arnold said...

Jack and Melissa,

Loved seeing pictures of the trip! Melissa I am so proud you built the fire (good Maine skills coming to use) and that you slept outside. See, it wasn't that bad right? Hope you guys are well. Love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa & Jack-

Your camping pictures are awesome. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog so I can keep up with you two. :)

Some day you will have to visit the Pacific Northwest so Annie and I can take you camping on this side. Much Love, Kim xo

Chris said...

Just found your great post. My partner and I want to go camping this weekend in the Shenandoah- where did you guys camp? It looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It was out on skyline drive......and we hiked to the Rock spring hut...about 6 miles from skyline on the Appalchian Trail