July 29, 2010

Jack Johnson

A few weeks back....Jack, his mom, brother, myself, and a few friends went to the Jack Johnson concert at Merriweather Pavilion in MD.

Jack loves Jack Johnson, but i am not an advid listener. Let me tell you, it was one crowded concert! Good thing for jumbo screens, we couldnt even really see the stage! And boy, it was HOT that day!

Before the concert started!

The ladies chatting it up while waiting for the concert to start.

Jack & I.....just hanging out.

It was a good concert. Once the sun went down it cooled off a bit. I didn't know many of the songs playing, but they sure were nice to listen to. Summer concerts are great. Just sit there, on your blanket in the grass, flip-flops off, and enjoy the sun.....

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