July 7, 2010


As hard as we try, we love food that is bad for us. So in honro of trying to get healthy and summertime weather, I decided we should make fruit smoothies. For 5 years of my high school/college life, I worked at Dairy Queen/Orange Julius. Yes one of the most fun jobs I ever had! We made smoothies at OJ.....but we had all thatfancy stuff at work to use, and I have never tried it right out of the kitchen....

So......here it went. I kind of guessed the ingredients. It was good, not perfect.....needs some perfecting.....but hopefully I'll be able to post a yummy-worthy recipe of sharing soon!

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

It was a mixture of  frozen yogurt,Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and a little bit of orange juice.It came out not too bad, needs some tweeking. Stay tuned!

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