April 17, 2012

What I am craving.....

I haven't really had any hardcore cravings. A lot of the time, i'm not even hungry surprisingly. I don't snack or pig out. Mostly just my 3 meals a day. I seriously eat like a 3rd grader. PB& J, yogurt, an apple, cheezits, water, and a pudding. Yup, that is usually my daily lunch. Yet, i've gained 15 lbs somewhere.......hmmmmm....weird. This better not be a 10lb baby in there!

Recently, I have only wanted 3 things: Wawa Hoagie, a Philly Pretzel, and pumpkin pie. Two of those items are easily fixed....Wawa is only a 10 minute ride, and a pumpkin pie I can just make. My only issue is the Philly Pretzel. They have them in my hometown of West Chester PA. They also have other franchises outside of Philly....MD, VA, NC, DE. But the closest one to me in MD is like an hour and a half away. As much as I LOVE those pretzels, I am not driving that far. I was considering ordering some online and having them shipped to me......I am telling you people, they are THAT GOOD.

I don't want fast food, or candy, or ice cream. I want a Philly Pretzel. And i am not going to PA until mid May. Can I survive, or will I give into ordering them online?

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Steph said...

it's free Philly Pretzel Factory Day! :)