April 5, 2012


I have been trying to get crafty with Baby G. I know I will recieve presents at my shower, but I wanted to make something that was my own that I could use. I had read somewhere that some burp cloths aren't that absorbant, so I read how to make my own. I looked at a bunch of tutorials, but then figured it couldn't be that hard to do it myself. So, I kind of followed it, but ended up doing whatever I felt like. No they are not 100% perfect, but they are cute, durable, and work!

With Jack being gone, he can usually figure out any mechanical probelms and have it fixed in like 5 minutes. So when I had problems with my sewing machine, I felt stuck. I wanted to throw the machine against the wall. I decided against that, and tried to work out the problem myself. An HOUR later, I had figured out the issue, and away I sewed. By the 3rd one, it was much better, and I was working faster.

What you need:
Reuseable cloth diapers. (Target sells a pack of a bunch for like $15)
Flannel cloth in the pattern of your choice. ( Mine was on sale at Joanne's Fabric for like $3/yard. SWEET. A yard can make a few burp cloths)
Coordinating thread.

Wash fabric. Cut fabric the size of cloth diaper. Sew right sides together. Don't start at a corner...start in the middle. Turn right side out and stitch again around the outside. And you are done! I will post a tutorial later. I might make matching receiving blankets at the rate I am going!

The cute patterns.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome, Melissa! So creative! I want to try this.