February 6, 2010

snowpocalypse 2010

According to Urban Dictionary: snowpocalypse:

A weather condition in which the amount of fallen snow, while not really such a big deal, wreaks havoc on a city, effectively shutting it down and leaving its citizens stunned and unable to see any sign of hope or a return to normalcy. It's perceived much like the aftermath of a nuclear event, but really... it's just freakin' snow!!
In cases of a Snowpocalypse it is really the panicked reaction of said citizens and NOT the actual snow that makes the situation worthy of the title. People simply aren't used to it, lose their heads and blame the city for the weather.

So, yes we  got dumped with snow. A lot of snow. Like 28 inches of snow in 24 hours. Luckily, Jack & I both survived the ride home from work on Friday night. Conditions were absolutely terrible! But, we survived. When we woke up, it was like we awoke and were transported to Alaska! One good thing about being snowed in, it enables you to get other things you have been putting off, done! It gives you all authority to hang around in your sweatpants all day and drink hot chocolate if you want to!

Here is a look of our day!

My car has not moved in 48 hours.....and this is the result!

I made Jack take a break from shoveling to take a picture.

This was the snow at 8am. Wow.

Last snow storm, Patches experienced snow for the first time. Here is time #2

This time she couldn't get enough of it! All she wanted to do was play!

Gracie had the right idea, sleep in the bed next to the heater!

Our house, covered in snow!

Remember, do not eat the yellow snow...

The skies finally cleared!

Remember when being a kid, and when it snowed it was AWESOME!? Well, now being a adult, sometimes it can be quite an inconvience! Yet, enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and just have a snow day!

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