February 6, 2010

Joys of being a homeowner? Not when it snows

Remember when being a kid, you had no cares in the world? You had no responsibilities, and when the snow came it meant SNOWDAY NO SCHOOL!!!!! You got to play outside while mom & dad shoveled the driveway, and when you came in there would be a plate of fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate waiting for you, just like a commerical. Then one day, you grow up and you have to get the cookies yourself!

Ahhhhh, the joys of being a home owner. At times it feels good to own something, your own place, a place you can go, and you are home. The place you can run to, a place you find comfort in. Then there comes a time when a homeowner witnesses a bad snowstorm. 

Not just an easy couple of inches we are talking here,  I am talking major snow, 2-3 feet of major snow! It is great right? A relaxing day in your house, the snow gently falling outside. And falling, falling, falling, falling, falling.......This is where you learn that snow can also be your enemy. This is where your average homeowner (with a driveway) discovers how heavy massive amounts of snow can be!

Here is our day. Snow stopped falling at around 5pm. 

This is what I think about snow shoveling. Good thing I have a motivated husband who wants things done. I just follow his lead. I would be content building snowmen and making snow angels till my hearts desire was filled. 

So, here we start. Dig, dig, dig, dig. For 2 HOURS. Yes, two hours. Honestly, if I went into the snow shoveling business, I would be in stellar shape. This vigorous exercise helps you discover muscles you never knew you had before.

Time for a break. Ok, back to work.

Ok. Here you are 2 hours later. You're tired. You're sore. All you want to do is take a hot shower. You achieved your goal. Dig a path for your car.

Looks great, right? As you sit there and admire your hard labor, you can almost feel proud.....until you look at your driveway in its entire perspective.........

Then you realize....
You have actually shoveled only 1/4 of it.

You have created an entire wall of snow. In two hours on only 1/4 of your driveway.

When the weatherman starts predicting that big storm, bake those cookies a day ahead and get that Nestle hot cocoa mix out, because mom & dad are not there to the rescue this time. It is your show now! Homeowners, my advice to you: buy a snow-blower when it goes on sale!! Or just do not buy a house with a driveway :-)

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