February 13, 2010

Goodbye Blue, Hello Yellow!

The project: The 'Blue Room'..a.k.a the Guest Room
Mission: Give it a new look, get rid of the blue.

After moving all the furniture out of the room to prep for painting, I decided I needed a break.

I'm a photoholic. Jack points this out a lot. Sometimes I think he wishes I didn't own a camera. I for some reason find the need to document everything on life on my digital camera. Don't ask me why.I like memories.  I take a lot of pictures. So, I asked Jack (politely) if he would pose for a picture. He did a bit of grumbling, but agreed :-)

I snuck this picture. Here Jack are prepping walls for the paint!

I picked the color. It is called "Picking Daisies." Yellow is bright and friendly. A happy color! This is also where we learned we should have put a primer paint down. Jack was adament we didn't need it, but I thought we did. So, we went with Jack suggestion of just putting a few coats on. What went from 2 coats, went to 4 coats of paint. Blue is very hard to cover! For future reference. Always use a primer paint if the color you are painting over the orignial wall color is lighter. LOL.

Jack made the mistake of giving the job of the paint roller. BAD IDEA. I am deadly with a paint roller, but not 100% accurate.....I went a little roller happy I guess you could say.He told me to roll the paint as close to the ceiling I could get...without hitting the ceiling...There were a few spots where I went a little roller happy. We have to fix the ceiling in a few spots.....ooops!

5 days later. FINALLY finished. We started on Saturday, and finally finished on Wednesday. Thank goodness for all the downtime with the snowstorm. We definately got irritated during the process. The room is not perfect, we messed up in a few spots, you can hardly tell,  but it looks a lot better then the blue! Next time we are hiring a professional. I am not painting any more rooms in this house.

We are ready for people to come visit! You have new painted guest room to stay in! Come visit us!

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