March 19, 2012

tooth update!

Just wanted to give a quick update. I apologize to those of you who have been hearing me complain about my teeth. So i went to the oral surgeon friday for him to look at it. First off, let me tell you, he was AWESOME. I would recommend him to anyone. Even the receptionists were awesome. He took some x-rays and a visual exam to see what was wrong. The x-ray determined that it was my wisdom tooth coming in. My wisdom tooth was only a tiny part of a bigger problem. The problem I thought originally was my wisdom tooth coming in, was actually the tooth in front of it. The wisdom tooth had cause a lesion on my molar, causing it to get infected, and it was currently dying. The doctor said this wasn't recent or anything to do with hygiene, but building up over time as tooth grew in. The only option was to remove it, ( i may end up having to get that wisdom tooth out down the road). That infected molar was also affecting my sinuses because it was sort of connected up in my sinus cavity for some reason. Long story short, I got there at 8am, was done at 12pm. It took 2 doctors to get it out! They had to saw it into pieces before extracting it (let me tell you, that really hurt) They also walled up my sinus cavity as well. They also had to do a bone graft of it, and also remove some of my gum around wisdom tooth. They did a bone graft for replacing the tooth down the road. The cost of getting a new tooth there is EXPENSIVE. I'll worry about that down the road.

They could only give me local anesthesia because I am pregnant. They did the best they could to make it as painless as possible, and make me as comfortable as possible. But unfortunately, they could only block out so much pain, and I could still feel part of it. They gave me some sutures, sent me home with Tylenol with codine which I am not a huge fan of because it kind of makes me nauseous. I might just switch to regular Tylenol. I still have some sinus pressure, but hopefully it'll be completely gone by the time this thing heals up. I look like a 3 year old when I was trying to eat my applesauce and pudding. I have such a phobia it wont heal right, but i am just being paranoid. Hopefully that will all clear up soon. I go back in a week for them to look at it.

I was kind of upset because the procedure was about $1000 which i had to pay upfront, and they file a claim and hopefully my insurence will refund me part of it. I was upset because I had just paid off that credit card, and i was so happy....until i had to use. I am glad I had it to use, but now that is one more bill to pay of. ugh.

I am kind of bored with eating ice cream ( yes bored of icecream!), soup, applesauce, yogurt, pudding etc. I am dying for real food. This stuff just doesn't fill me up. What i wouldn't give for a burger and fries......On a good note., I was sort of able to eat some soft bread today, although i looked really funny doing it.


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