March 14, 2012

17 weeks

Today I had an OBGYN appointment. Today I am 17 weeks. These current doctors appointments aren't that exciting. They usually last a whopping 15 minutes. I do get to hear Baby G's heartbeat every time, which is good, it reassures me there is still a baby in there. I have yet to feel any kicks, or those 'first time flutters.' Hopefully soon, i will start to feel something in there. I am definitely starting to get a little belly. That is for sure. I have gained about 10ish lbs. I am not sure where though. Mostly in my stomach I am assuming.......i can still rock my regular jeans, yay! I am at that weird in between stage where some clothes fit while others don't.

Next week will hopefully be exciting. Next friday they are going to do an anatomy ultrasound. Hopefully we can find out whether or not we are on team pink or team blue. We shall see. Hopefully Baby G isn't camera shy, and we can get a view of the important parts! Until then, I guess we will just, pink, blue, pink?

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