March 7, 2012

embracing pregnancy

Today is 16 weeks....4 months pregnant. Crazy, that I am almost halfway there. I have heard both sides of people have LOVED being pregnant, and how people did not like it. I am not sure where I stand yet. Well, obviously I love the fact I will be having a daughter or son this August. What I mean is, I haven't really EMBRACED the body changes that are occurring. Maybe I will LOVE being pregnant when I have a more excitable baby bump.

What I have not yet embraced: people's personal comments, nausea, weight gain, lack of hunger (shouldn't I be more hungry??), my complexion, feeling fat, the "in-between" time,  and my ever slowly disappearing waistline.

I never got sick, so I never lost weight. I didn't have the horrible luxury like most women and barf my guts up, and losing 10 lbs. I have only, SLOWLY have been gaining weight. And, YES. I am guilty of judging my body on the numbers I see on the scale. I realize I am supposed to gain weight, I just haven't accepted it in my mind.

Foodwise: no cravings...except for a WAWA hoagie! AHHH! I try to ear, or well healthier. I seriously eat like 3rd grader. Cheerioes & OJ in the morning, drink water, I snack on yogurt before lunch. Lunch usually consists of the usually PB&J sandwich, a bottle of water, applesauce, and cheezits. Maybe a mini snack before dinner, more water, and dinner is whatever I am in the mood for....which is usually nothing. Sometimes its soup, or grilled chicken. So its not like I eat unhealthy. I am just a really BORING eater.

My trip to Target definitely had a realization for me as I walked by the cute bathing suit display. No itty-bitty bikini bathing suit this summer for me. I am also in that "in-between" stage. My maternity clothes are too big, and my size 2 pants no longer fit. Its just frustrating. At least my favorite pair of jeans still fit!

Hopefully in the next few week, i'll start "embracing" my pregnancy more.

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Sara said...

hang in there. once your bump gets bigger, you might start to feel more pregnant. Tell other people that you did not invite them to your BBQ, so get outta your grill!! :)
You do NOT look fat in those picture on FB. Love you!!