May 29, 2011

Who are you?

Jack's work schedule and my work schedule aren't very compatible sometimes. i work 7-3pm, he works 12-8pm. He is getting home by the time I get in bed, and I wake up and he is still asleep. Not exactly ideal for a marriage, but we make it work. This upcoming week he is traveling for the week and has been working late, and the only difference in not seeing him this week is that we won't be sleeping in the same bed. Sometimes I don't even hear him when he comes home because I am dead to the world.

But, you know it is bad when you actually haven't seen them for a few days because of work schedules, and just because you sleep in the same bed, it doesn't not count as quality time. It is funny, this is a conversation we had last friday, he was home early from work. Keep in mind, I had not actually seen him, or had a face-to-face conversation with him in like two days.

Me: "Hey did you shave your beard off? You look like you shaved. Why?"
Jack gives me a weird look.
Jack: "Yeah. I did. Like 3 days ago."

Wow. hahahahahaha

I haven't seen you around here in awhile. Who are you again?

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