May 7, 2011

Doggie Days

Jack and I have decided to add to our family. No, not babies....but a dog! We have been talking about it for awhile, but keep putting it off. I didn't want to go the purebred $2500 route. (not that anything is wrong with that!) I wanted to give a dog another change at a life, one that was abandoned or neglected. Perfectly good dogs that no one treated right. We couldn't really agree on a breed. I like BIG dogs, and sort of liked medium size dogs. Rottweilers I love, but he didn't want one. He liked the Bull Terrier, I didn't.

So, we each made a list of dogs we liked, could tolerate, or didn't want at all. All my dog breeds were about 85lbs+! A dog we both had on our list was a German Shepherd. I looked at Shepherd Rescues in the area and found two. One wasn't really helpful for information, while the other rescue talked to me for awhile and I even got to meet one of their dogs!

All Shepherd Rescue!

So we put in our application and are waiting for approval! These are the three dogs we are looking at:



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Sara said...

oh meliss they look so cute!!!!!!