May 23, 2011

The Evolution of Life

Last year I planted 4 Azalea bushes in the same flower bed all in a row. This year was the year they were supposed to stay alive and grow back. Unfortunately there is this thing called the evolution of life.  Please look at my progression. I am surprised I didn't kill them all.

Last spring: All 4 Azalea bushes are alive and well. 

Early spring 2011: please note the the flower bed closest to the house. with the 4 Azalea bushes. 

on a side note: all the Hosta bushes you see growing in the big section of flower bed are doing great. 

plant #1: great. Grew back even bigger.

plant #2: good, grew back good.

plant #3: ehhh ok. Half of it is alive and half i am not sure. 

plant #4: We decided was officially dead. I keep trying to water it and hoping it back to life. 
All attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

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