May 1, 2011


I had a fantastic computer in college. My mom's coworker's son was in IT, and he built my computer for me. From 2002-2007 that computer worked like a dream. I loved that computer. It was the best computer I ever had. But all good things come to an end. Once I started my job in DC, I figured I would invest in a new computer. Here comes the Dell.

I have had a Dell for almost the last 5 years. I had only heard good things about Dell, so I purchased one. I have always liked desktop units.  I have had nothing but problems with it. It worked great for like the first year or so. Then it started to do the blue screen of death for almost every other day. Or it would just shut down. I tried re-downloading a new operating system, installing a new one. That worked for a bit. Now, it just runs reaaaalllly reallllllly realllllllyyyy slowwwwwwwww. I turned it on today, it honestly took like 15-20 minutes to load and turn on. And even to get on google it wouldn't load and it froze. UGH.

Jack has owned a Macbook for like the past 5 years. That thing is a champ, and it works like a dream. I ended up using his computer more than I used mine. So today after we talked about it a lot, I decided I needed a new one. And today I am now a proud owner of a Macbook Pro.

Let me tell you. I have only had it for like 5 hours, and this things is AWESOME!!!


Sara said...

What size did you get? I love my 13", but Austin loves his 15"!!! Welcome to the world of Mac!!! You'll never go back!! :)

Anonymous said...

It a 13 inch macbook pro!