March 6, 2011

Rustic Cabin weekend

I have been sooooooo behind on blogging. I am getting lazy! Presidents day weekend Jack & I went on a rustic cabin weekend with friends from work. 2 mile hike to cabin from parking, 10 people, 2 dogs, no running water, or electricity. Doesn't sound too exciting, but let me tell you it was fun! 

Chopping wood for the wood burning stove so we could make our food, building fires, dinner by candlelight, card games, random snowstorm, and even a pinata for a birthday surprise! It was lots of fun spending life in a different way for a weekend. Since I hiked the nice camera out, I took lots of pictures!

Group #1, hanging out on the porch swing

We are so cute.

Me, Kristie & Becky

A really cool picture of the firepit outside I got while it was really windy!

Riley inspecting the water

Hikin back to the car to go home

Myron Glasier cabin, off the Appalachian Trail where we stayed

Group shot #2

Being silly

They way we stayed warm at night

Getting my firewood chopping on. trust me, it is much harder than it looks!

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