March 18, 2011


This past weekend we visited my dad & step-mom in Delaware for my dad's birthday, and it had been awhile since we visited out there. My step-mom ( Kathy) had sent me a newspaper article on an event that was going on in Rehoboth Beach near where they lived. 

The article that Kathy sent me had to do with a Chocolate Festival that was held every year, and they had a chocolate contest, so I decided to enter. I entered two items, my Chocolate Coma Cake ( which literally the night before put us in a sugar coma.), and what I call my "Better Than Sex Brownies" (peanut butter & chocolate goodness!)

Well, I didn't win. I was a bit disappointed. I was at least hoping for a 3rd place!

It was my Dad's birthday as well! Happy Birthday Dad!

It was a good time all around!

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