March 18, 2011

Bathroom Ideas

 I was at A.C. Moore buying something, and saw they were selling some flower arrangements for half off. I got this cute little flower thing for only $4.99!! I liked it for its color and the white wooden flower holder it is in. It inspired me. I want to redo the bathroom around this flower. I love the blueish color and the white wood flower holder. It makes me think of a bathroom that would be in a regal, old, and historic mansion you would find down south.

I want to redo my bathroom to match this flower color theme. Isn't that crazy? Both of our bathrooms are in desperate need of updating!! I currently have in one bathroom the tub that came with the house. Its canary yellow, not something I really love all that much.

I just love these bathroom color combinations! Maybe we'll have a project in the near future!

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Meredith Cates said...

I love the blue and white theme, and the claw foot tub. Bead board is a cheap way to get that look on the walls instead of tiling. Good luck!