April 3, 2011

What mulch can do...

It's now april. It is about that time where you one needs to start doing a horrible amd dreaded activity. YARDWORK. I hate it, but it must be done. Between our mostly opposite schedules, it is almost impossible that we are doing it at the same time.

Last week Jack took off during the week, so when I got home from work, he was there! But, when I drove up there was a truck-full of mulch sitting in our driveway. BLAST! I knew I couldn't just sit by why I watched Jack shovel mulch, so I enlisted myself to help. Teamwork = less yardwork time & more done!

Here is what the it looked like when we first moved in...we had that big awful tree. So Jack & some friends cut it down. Problem solved. No more tree.

Now, all we have a boring bland flower bed, where flowers occassionally come up every year....soem hostas, tulips etc. We now have a huge, blank gaping open spot where the tree used to be. How do we fill it? That is to yet be determined. I was thinking of putting in a cute little flowering tree or a decorative well, but who knows. All  I do know is that it is open, boring, bland, and dried out looking.


It is amazing what a little bit of mulch can do to a yard,
 even just to spruce up and make the yard look a bit alive!

WE just need a spot to fill that one blank flower bed in the middle. Any ideas?

The yard looks much better with the darker colored mulch.

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