August 11, 2010

Reeny gets hitched!

My friend from college, my FIRST college roomate ( ahhhhh we are getting so old!!). She got married this past weekend in Stroudburg, PA. She and Trevor have been together since we have been in college in 2002. Long time! They are moving to New Mexico this week because Maureen was accepted into graduate school out off out west they go!

Jack is still traveling for work till this Friday, so he was unable to attend the party!
My mom & went together instead. Maureen's mom & my mom are pretty good friends.

Meet Odessa the Diva. She is their 130 Mastiff Mix, and such a sweetheart.
She even dressed up for the occasion!

Maureen looking beautiful!

Wedding band power!

The wedding shoes.....cowboy boots!

The bride and groom. Maureen & Trevor

Their first dance. So cute!

her dress....she got it for $99! So awesome!

Her wedding shoes

One of the favorite pictures of the day that I took. I love candid photos. I feel like the pictures that aren't posed for the camera are the best. :-)

Best wishes out west....we will miss you!!!!

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