August 15, 2010

Lucy turns 2

Last weekend, my niece Ms. Lucy Elizabeth Anderson turned 2! Her party was a lot of fun, and she got lots of fun presents.

It was a day for friends, familiy, cupcakes and presents!

The birthday girl!

This is the cake my mom and I made. Lucy loves Caillou, so my mom ordered a screen print for a cake! The screen print was very fragile, and we were worried about it cracking! Fortunately, it didn't!

Lucy's birthday present, a play kitchen!

Lucy's play buddy, Aiden! Aiden and his parents came for the festivities!

Cupcakes I made for Lucy's birthday! I tried to make red iciing, but it came out hot pink instead.....still trying to figure that one out....

I made some neat dragonfly cupcakes!

The birthday girl opening up presents!

Lucy enjoying her birthday cupcakes!

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