November 7, 2011

Who rescued who?

Who rescued who? This is a magnet I have on my car. I see it on other cars, and I can't help but smile. 

Guinness' Story: We rescued Guinness this past July from a Shepherd Rescue Adoption agency outside of Baltimore. He is great. I love nothing more when he comes up to me, puts his big shepherd head in my lap with his giant ears, and just stares at me with his big puppy eyes. His story is unknown, other than he was neglected, underweight, and very shy of people. Anyone who would not love this beautiful gentle dog must have been crazy.  He is now more sociable, happy, he can enjoy his puppyhood,  his separation anxiety has calmed down, and loves sleeping on his giant dog bed.

I think back to our other two pets: Gracie & Patches. They were rescues too. I rescued Gracie 4 years ago, and Patches 2 years ago when they were kittens. Ads on Craigslist!

Gracie's story:  I rescued her from a nasty disgusting house in Alexandria VA. I wish I could have saved all of those kittens from that unsanitary house. I showed up, and it was a horrible house, and all it was were kittens piled into a box. I was looking at an orange tabby kitten, when this little ball of fur started clawing at the box at me, almost in a desperate plea "save me, save me!" I decided she was the one to rescue. They even gave away the kittens too early. The average age for adoption is 8 weeks. Gracie was about 4 weeks. I took her home, and to the veterinarian the next day. She weighed 1lb, 1oz!!! 4 years later she is 13lbs, and her favorite place to sleep is in Jack's lap, bathing in the sun or the linen closet. 

Patches Story: Patches is another Craigslist rescue.  I am not sure how she came to where she was, but she was being fostered by a vet. (lucky her!). But she needed a forever home. Patches is one of the most friendly, cuddle bugs ever, and I LOVE her to all her mismatched fur pieces. She was not 100% welcomed a first by Gracie, but now they co-exist peacefully, with the occasional sister fight. Her favorite place to sleep is on top of the dryer, in a box in the closet, or the linen closet. She is a crazy little kitty who loves to play, and surprisingly likes the snow! She hasn't quite warmed up to Guinness, but I think they are soon on their way. 

After a long day of work, when Jack is traveling, or when I am feeling down or sad.....these 3 know how to reach my heart, and cheer me up. Even if it is only a lick on the hand or a cuddly purr, they know how to make me smile. Adopt you need to be rescued?

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