May 15, 2012

Fun way to ship cupcakes

I decided to send Jack a care package while he is at training. I had no baked in awhile, so I figured I would do that. I wanted to send cupcakes, but did not want them to get smushed. I found a fun way to ship them after searching online. There are a few ways I saw to do this.

You will need:
mason jars
decorations (if desired)

I had made lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and I threw on some rainbow sprinkles for fun. The way I did it: bake the cupcake normally and then place them in the mason jars. OR i saw you could actually just bake them in the mason jar.


Here is the finished product!

Bake cupcakes, let cool. Place cupcake on bottom

Cover with icing and optional decoration

Repeat. Screw on lid.


I used small jars, and it held 2 cupcakes. I didn't bother decorating it, i just shipped it the way it was.

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