July 7, 2011

Camp Cadet 2011

This June was my 4th year at Pennsylvania State Police Northern Tier Camp Cadet in Mansfield, PA. I always have fun with my counselor friends up there, and after a couple of days when the crying kids realize that they are having fun, the kids are a good time too.

My co-counslers: Autumn & Chels

Room Inspections!!! Better keep your rooms clean!!

'Simon Says' faceoff game. Who will win?

Learn about the Game Commission, and learn how they tag bears in populated areas! This little guy was only about 40lbs. Last year they have a 150lb yearling!

Hitching a ride with Trooper Doaney

So proud of my group of girls. Go Charlie Company!!!!

Trooper Wharton, Trooper Wolbert, and Chels after our counslor basketball game

It was overall a good week, with its problems here and there. Always a good time!

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