June 21, 2011

Water Water Everywhere!

So the house flooded this week. It was horrible. I was home by myself when it happened. I had used water in the bathroom when I got home from work. I went outside for 30 minutes to enjoy the sun, came back in and heard running water. I ran down the hall and found the source.

Water flowing out of the toilet......

                                                  For 30 minutes......

Into the vent system........oh dear.....not good. 

So the story goes.....

I called Jack to have him come home, I turned the water off to the house. And then proceeded to stare at the 2-3 inches of water flooding my bathroom. I had no idea what to do. It was in the vent system and leaked out the door into the carpet in the hallway. 

Jack came home, the bathroom was shopvac-ed. I washed the towels that helped clean up the bathroom. Problem #2 that cause Problem #1. 

Water starting backing up into the bathtub and shower. Final verdict from pipe company who stuck a camera down our pipes. Our sewage pipe collapsed. NOOOOO.

What does that mean? It meant for about a week we could not do the following at our house:
  • shower
  • wash dishes
  • use the bathroom
  • wash laundry

HUGE BUMMER. And super annoying. At least we could shower at work. We had use of the water, we just could not let it drain. Here is some pictures of the destruction.

trying to dry out the floors. 

Cut a hole in the OTHER bathroom to get to pipe system.

The tree root they pulled out of our pipe system. Jack said it took 3 ppl to pull out. CRAZY.

Washing Dishes with a water hose in the backyard. Old School. 
Last time i washed dishes like this it was camping. 

Story of our lives. Something always going wrong. Updates soon to follow....

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